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Microsoft Teams Introductory Links

Posted on Sunday, September 4, 2022 by TheBlackzone

At the company I work for, we use Microsoft Teams for video calls, conferencing and collaborative work. Leaving its doubious technical aspects aside, the tool mostly works for our colleagues and its usage is pretty straightforward.

Nevertheless, not all of our employees are tech-savvy and used to this kind of communication, especially some of the older workers. And so I get frequently asked for some kind of introductory material which helps them getting started with Microsoft Teams.

Luckily, Microsoft itself has some helpful resources and training materials for Microsoft Teams available on their website, which, as it seems, are sometimes overlooked.

Here’s a list of the most interesting parts for new users (links to German versions), which I forward to new colleagues and those asking for help:

Usually this is enough to get them on track and most of the remaining questions are answered by mutual assistance among users themselves.

A small but effective way to ease my admin life 🙂

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