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Windows 7 - First Contact

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2009 by TheBlackzone

Windows 7 Logo Today I received Windows 7 Ultimate for my notebook and immediately gave it a try. I haven’t used the betas and release candidates before (intentionally), so this was my very first contact with Windows 7.

The predecessor of Windows 7, Windows Vista, isn’t worth any further discussion. As most of you know it sucks/sucked ass and after using it for a couple of weeks on my laptop I tried to avoid any further contact with it. Unfortunately, if you have - like me - a job as system administrator, you can not totally get around it. And so I had to deal with a lot of Vista’s annoyances, even if I hadn’t used it personally.

Anyway, after using Windows 7 for a couple of hours there are already a few things I can say:

This is just my VERY first impression. Before I delve any deeper into it, I need to make a more extended test. I’m especially interested in the application compatibility and the virtual XP mode. Since I use a LOT of applications, this might turn out quite interesting…

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