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A short update...

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by TheBlackzone

Phew, the last post was over a month ago, so it’s really about time for an update…

My holiday on the isle of Fuerteventura last month was really AWESOME. Excellent weather, great hotel, beautiful beach, relaxing! Exactly what I’ve expected from it. If you ever have the chance to go there, do it! It’s a wonderful island, especially if you’re into kite surfing or wind surfing or if you just like extended beach walks.

After my return, I spent a few days off here at home to get some rather unspectacular work done. Unfortunately I’m now almost out of days of holiday for the rest of this year and it looks like I’ll have to work until Xmas without another day off :-(

Happily, my current workload is at an level I’d consider as “bearable”. But you know, this can change dramatically just every other day (as I’ve learned from experience).

One thing I noticed recently is, that my blog currently attracts high volumes of blog spam. While this isn’t much of a problem for Habari to handle, it’s still somewhat irritating. At present I see about 10-20 spam entries every 3-4 days, which - I think - is still at a ’normal' level. Anyway, I’d rather have that much ‘real’ comments :-)

Ok, that’s all for now. And this time it won’t take another month until the next post :-)

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