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Posted on Sunday, February 6, 2022 by TheBlackzone

One thing that seems to be common to all users of text editors is their ongoing quest for the right color scheme. Whether it be a light or a dark scheme, low or high contrast, colorful or monochrome - everybody has a different taste. And some even change their color scheme depending on the time of the day.

So it comes to no surprise that there are countless colorschemes out there for all kinds of text editors. And my editor of choice, Vim, is no exception to that rule.

Though I have settled with my own colorscheme a while ago, I had used numerous others schemes before that. My favorite ones had been “fruity”, “manuscript” and the omni-present “solarized”.

For a long time the “scripts” section of had been my number one place to look for color schemes. But if somebody asks me today for the best resource to obtain them, I point them to is a GitHub project that has compiled a list of hundreds of colorschemes repositories for Vim. With previews, filter and search functionality, as well as GitHub’s “stars” it is much easier to get quickly to the scheme of your choice.

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