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Flickering Outlook Webmail (OWA)

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 by TheBlackzone

A couple of days ago I encountered a strange issue on one of my colleagues notebooks: his Outlook Webmail (OWA) was “flickering”, the list of his emails looked like it was constantly reloading and this strange thing happened in all of his mail folders, no matter what web browser he used…

At first I thought that one ore more of the keys of his notebook are stuck, but as it turned out the culprit was something totally different:

The clock of his notebook was out of sync and lagging a couple of hours behind!

As soon as I had synchronized his notebook’s clock against an internet source, the phenomenon was gone.

Since I never encountered this problem before, I thought I’ll leave a note here, mainly to remind myself of the solution.

Tags: computer

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