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Posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2019 by TheBlackzone

Happy new year everybody! I hope everyone has had a good start into the new year. Now that we have once again crossed the magical border between years, it is time for a short personal recap of 2018...

All in all 2018 has been a good year. Maybe not the greatest year, but definitely a good year. And while it mostly has been "business as usual", there are a few things that were special in 2018.

Workwise I have had the chance to learn and implement a whole lot of new things, largely related to the decentralization of our datacenter and the resulting need to re-implement large amounts of the IT infrastructure with more modern technologies. Normally this is not something unusual, but if you have to do everything on your own while running the IT for a medium-sized multisite company, it can become quite adventurous. And while I really learned a lot of things, it also resulted in working longer hours. I had very little time for myself and this is something I definitely want to change in the year ahead.

Then we have had a great summer with an extraordinary lot of sunny days which where not only enjoyable for all the summer stuff we like to do, but also gave me the opportunity to finish a bunch of projects around the house, such as repairing the drainage of our garage, repairing the roof of my parent's shed and some smaller woodworking projects. And the evenings gave me the opportunity for some nice extended bike rides.

One of the most important things was for sure, that I have had no extraordinary bad events in 2018. Sure, I had some trouble with my car and a couple of other issues, especially later that year. But all were still in the scale of "annoying" and not really "bad", which I think is clearly on the plus side.

For 2019 I have no special expectations and I am not really a big fan of setting a lot of goals just because the year number has changed. But there are a few topics I would like to improve on and quite a few targets I would like to see reached by the end of the new year. I will go into more details of this in later posts.

At this point just let me wish all of you a healthy and prosperous new year! I hope you will have a great year 2019 wherever you are!

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