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Play Quake in your browser

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 by TheBlackzone

Quake Icon Today I learned, that you can play the original Quake game right in your web browser. The guys over at Quaddicted made it available as a demo of the WebQuake project, a HTML5/WebGL source port of the game.

The WebQuake project is not particular new, but I was somewhat surprised that I never heard of it. Anyways, there it is and you can enjoy the shareware version of Quake right online.

There is also a project to play Quake II in your browser. Unfortunately it seems to be abandoned and no longer under active development.

And to make the ancestral hall complete, Quake 3 Arena needs to be mentioned. Apart from the well know Quake Live, there is quakejs that allows you to play Quake 3 Arena online.

Happy fraggin'!

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