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QMMP Linux Media Player

Posted on Sunday, November 16, 2014 by TheBlackzone

There are plenty of media players for the Linux platform out there, but the one I like most is the QT-based Multimedia Player QMMP. Maybe one of the reasons for this is, that it feels very much like the original [Winamp Player](, which I had adopted as my media player of choice back in October 1998 when version 2.03 came out.

In addition to the general likeness to Winamp, it also comes with support for the original Winamp skin files. Here's a picture auf QMMP with the Nucleo N-Log, which is one of my favorite skins:

QMMP with Nucleo N-Log skin
QMMP with Nucleo N-Log skin

So, in the very unlikely case you haven't heard of QMMP, you maybe want to give it a try.

Tags: computer, linux

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