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Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 by TheBlackzone

Welcome (back) everyone! Today a new version of (version 3, to be precise) went online. I hope you like the new design and I also hope I didn't make to much mistakes that ruin the layout in certain browsers (yes, Internet Explorer, I'm talking about you). If you experience any difficulties or an "unattractiveness", please let me know.

As some kind of premiere the graphics for this version was solely created with Inkscape, making it the first web design I entirely created with free software and without any commercial tools. Up to now I relied on Xara Xtreme as the tool of choice when it comes to vector graphics (which by the way is still an extraordinary excellent software for this task), but unfortunately it isn't available on Linux which is my operating system since quite a while now. My standard tool set now consists of GIMP, Inkscape and Vim.

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