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Here's a short update on what's going on...

Posted on Sunday, October 10, 2010 by TheBlackzone

I've to admit that I've shamelessly neglected my blog lately. Here's a short roll-up on what happened lately...

In my last post from June I already wrote about the many fill-ins I had to make at work lately. Unfortunately this hasn't changed. After a substitution for another colleague right before my vacation in September, I was recently informed that I have to step in again for a total of 9 weeks! In fact I'm already starting week two of this substitution.

The problem is that all tasks in the jobs I'm currently stepping in are crucial for the company's operation and require full attention. At the same time I have to keep the IT running and to provide a basic level of support to our users. All in all it is totaling up to an enormous workload, not leaving much room for other activities. And my blog is one of the things that suffer from this situation.

I'll try to re-arrange my schedule during the next days and maybe I can spare some time to write a more comprehensive update on my other activities.

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