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Testing Vimpress - a blogging plugin for Vim

Posted on Friday, June 4, 2010 by TheBlackzone

I just came across Vimpress, a plugin for Vim that allows to create and edit blogposts directly from Vim. Looks like the right thing for me :-)

Although it is originally intended to be used with WordPress, it utilizes the MetaWeblog interface, thus it can be used with other blogs too - in my case Habari.

So, as a first test, this post is written in Vim and directly posted by the plugin. Let's see if it works...

Edit: Works quite well. There seems to be a minor bug when posting new entries (entry id is not returned correctly, respectively an error occurs when this should happen - I'll have a look at this later), but the overall functionality works. Oh, and of course this plugin is only suitable to handle text-only posts. There's no upload functionality for media files - obviously, since we are utilizing a text editor ;-)

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