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Goodbye Twitter

Posted on Sunday, February 7, 2010 by TheBlackzone

Twitter Icon I highly doubt that you even have noticed that I have left Twitter a while ago. After all, I couldn’t find any gain in using it.

Roughly over a year ago I joined the hype and created an account at Twitter. While 140 characters doesn’t seem that much for posting relevant stuff, it is as sufficient for rudimentary messages as SMS is. After I had initially tweeted a whole lot of random nonsense for a while, pauses between tweets grew bigger and eventually stopped at all after a few weeks.

To some extent it was because I am just too busy (or maybe also too lazy) to keep followers updated about whatever (just see the frequency of my blog posts to see what I’m talking about). But mainly it was because I’m not the one who wants or needs to broadcast every aspect of life publicly.

Twitter might have its uses, e.g. for real-time updates on current events, like elections, sports events and so on. But, seriously, nobody wants to know what you had for breakfast, what beer you are currently drinking, or that you are about to go to the toilet. The inanity of some tweets is surprising.

Personally speaking, I found Twitter is not adding anything useful to my life, rather being another drain of time, no matter if used actively or passively. This has, after all, led me to the decision to stop using it all. I'll keep my account at Twitter, just in case, but I have officially said "Good Bye" to Twitter.

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