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Posted on Thursday, June 3, 2010 by TheBlackzone

Today is Corpus Christi, a religious feast, so we didn’t work here in South Germany. But since the weather was pretty bad (cold and rainy), I spent my day at the computer, upgrading my Cygwin environment and reworking content of my personal wiki knowledge base (which is badly in need to be uncluttered).

I’ve also upgraded my site to the latest version of Habari today. As last time, everything went very smoothly. As far as I have seen, there were mostly bugs fixed and not so much new features implemented. But I might be wrong here, since I haven’t followed the development during the past three months. I’ll have deeper look at it later.

I’ve been very busy during the last few months, as you might have noticed from the lack of posts here. Earlier this year a colleague left our company and I was the only one who was qualified to take over his responsibilities. So I ended up doing his job in addition to mine, doubling my workload. Additionally I was attending an advanced training course, reducing my spare time even further.

Finally, in May, a new colleague took over and I was able to return to my normal job schedule. Shortly after that I also successfully finished my training. Phew! That was a hard time!

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