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The image gallery is online again

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2009 by TheBlackzone

Today I made the image gallery available again. Taken for itself, of course, this isn’t a very spectacular enhancement of the site (since there’s anyways only one gallery at the moment).

The far more interesting part was the implementation of the gallery. I wanted something that seamlessly integrates into Habari. After an extensive search on the internet I found nothing that fits my needs and so I finally decided to write my own plugin.

I quickly hacked up some code that does the basic functionality. So far it can be used to include one or more picture galleries in any Habari page or post and it recognizes thumbnail images and creates them if their are missing. To display an image it would normally, quite unspectacular, pop up the selected image in a separate window. To make it look more decent, I integrated it with the amazing LightBox2 library. Apart from this, however, all its settings are currently hardwired and it lacks a configuration interface, so there’s room for improvement.

Anyway, I’m quite satisfied with the result and will probably adding the missing parts after a period of testing.

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