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Choosing a blogging solution

Posted on Sunday, December 28, 2008 by TheBlackzone

For 2009 I’ve planned to switch the management of my site from plain HTML to a reasonable blogging software in order to bring a little more life to this site.

Now, there are plenty of blogging solutions to choose from and I have used quite a few of them in the past. I used Wordpress for most of the time, but I’ve also been trying a lot of others (see list below).

For my current site, which is a personal just-for-fun project, I don’t expect a lot of traffic and since my blogging will be rather sporadic, I have fairly sparse requirements. In spite of that, I was tempted to use Wordpress again, but since my current web host plan doesn’t provide a mySQL database server (which would cost extra), that’s out of the question.

After investigating a bunch of current blogging solutions, I ended up with Habari which is, although still in its very early stages, a very promising project. It provides all the things I wanted and it runs on SQLite, thus not needing a dedicated database server. Additionally it is very easy to customize the templates and I had adapted the site design in almost no time.

I decided to give it an extended try and run it as my new blogging system to see how well it performs in regular use. Since there are already a lot of sites out there that use it, it seems to do quite well. I’ll keep you updated on this matter…

Choosing a blogging solution isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a matter of technical and personal requirements, usability, and of personal taste. Below I’ve compiled a list of the blogging software I’ve been looking at. If you would ask me for a recommendation I would name Wordpress, Habari, DotClear as my personal favorites. But they may be perfectly unsuitable for your own needs. So, I fear you have to try them for yourself.

List of blogging solutions I’ve tried (in random order):

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