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Play Quake in your browser

Quake Icon Today I learned, that you can play the original Quake game right in your web browser. The guys over at Quaddicted made it available as a demo of the WebQuake project, a HTML5/WebGL source port of the game.

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Interview with John Romero, game designer of Quake

Quake Icon Two weeks ago, Motherboard released an interview with John Romero, one of the persons behind the video games Doom and Quake and co-founder of the game company id Software.

John gives us an interesting look behind the scenes, talks about his involvement in these games and how he got into game programming. You can watch the Interview (9:35) on Youtube.

If this video whetted your appetite for a more in-depth look on the history of id Software, its games and the guys who founded it, I can also recommend this video to you. It covers everything from the events that led to the company's foundation until its acquisition by Zenimax. And of course a lot of facts and trivia about the games they produced. A must-see for everyone who's interested in gaming history or who's a fan of id Software games.

Howto install Quake 3 Arena on Xubuntu

Quake 3 Arena Logo Quake 3 Arena (Q3A for short) has been one of my favorite computer games and I guess I played it just as much as the original Quake game. Recently I fell into the mood to play it again and decided to install it on my Linux Desktop PC. The general process of the installation is quite straightforward, but there are some pitfalls…

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The Dopefish lives

Picture of the DopeFish I was recently digging through a bunch of old gaming stuff and came across an icon only the seasoned gamers amongst you might remember: The Dopefish!

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Yet another lan party event series dies

The official news has already been spread in February, but it was just today that I learned about it: My favorite lan party organizers have given up to organize their great series of events.

Sad news, but it was the inevitable consequence of the ever decreasing number of attendees to the events. The heydays of lan parties are over, which is sad but true.

Luckily they still meet for some loosely organized private lan parties and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the last time I've met them.