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Mounting Truecrypt Volumes in Linux

Today I learned (well not actually today, but a few days ago): You can easily mount Truecrypt containers with cryptsetup in Linux. So let's put a quick reminder here, just in case I need this again...

Set up a loop device

sudo losetup /dev/loop0 /path/to/truecrypt/container

Then open it

sudo cryptsetup open --type tcrypt /dev/loop0 tccontainer

And finally mount the container

sudo mount /dev/mapper/tccontainer /mnt

To close it again, go the other way round...

umount /mnt
sudo cryptsetup close tccontainer
sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0


You can also mount hidden Truecrypt containers by specifying the type tcrypt-hidden in the cryptsetup open... step.

QMMP Linux Media Player

There are plenty of media players for the Linux platform out there, but the one I like most is the QT-based Multimedia Player QMMP. Maybe one of the reasons for this is, that it feels very much like the original [Winamp Player](, which I had adopted as my media player of choice back in October 1998 when version 2.03 came out.

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