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Switching to HUGO

Posted on Sunday, May 16, 2021 by TheBlackzone

HUGO Icon During the last couple of weeks I have been playing on and off with the HUGO static site generator and quickly became quite fond of it. Initially I just wanted to have yet another look at the current landscape of static site generators, but then I somehow ended up making some more extended tests with HUGO. This eventually culminated into having my complete website migrated to it.

Right at the first glance I was quite impressed by the speed of HUGO and after familiarizing myself with the basics and a little bit of tinkering I also started to like its nifty features.

After having converted my complete website to HUGO (which turned out to be much less effort than I would have anticipated), I was a wee bit hesitating about abandoning my current workflow, which has worked quite well for the last couple of years. Then again, I had switched it so often, so why not yet another time and give it a try?

And now, here we are. This post marks my switch to HUGO as the next tool for creating this website.

Tags: website, hugo

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